Thoughts on Success

Success isn’t domain dependent

I was doing an inventory of my life the other day when I had an epiphany; I like to compartmentalize different areas of my life. I don’t transfer skills or concepts that I use in one area of my life that I’m very successful with, into other areas of my life that are more of a struggle.

After realizing this I made a list of all of the concepts that I use in areas of my life where I excel and then talked with a few close friends about the same concept.

Here is the list of basic concepts that I found that nearly everyone applies in areas of their life that they are successful in:

  • Consistent effort
  • Focus on small wins
  • Positive feedback built into the process
  • The end result of the process is meaningful
  • You learn from mistakes and move on
  • Support is a built in part of the process
  • You do what you’re good at and find a way to fill gaps by working with others or implementing different strategies

Your turn

Look at areas in your life that you are successful, chances are you use some, if not nearly all of these different tactics.

Now, think how you can apply the knowledge and framework you have in place that created your success in those areas and apply it to areas of life where you have more struggles.