Top 4 strategies to get in shape for summer

Summer is just around the corner. Check the strategies below to get help you get in shape!

1 – Eat more veggies

Eating more vegetables helps ‘push’ out the junk by filling you up and helping with consistent energy throughout the day. Shoot for 5+ servings (one fist = one serving) each day of fruits and veggies.

2 – Get more sleep / dial in your bedroom

More sleep = better decisions and mental energy which makes it easier to avoid junk. Good sleep habits also helps maintain a healthy cortisol / sleep cycle which improves your ability to lean out and recover from training. Check out this handy graphic on how to dial in your sleep habits. (

3 – Drink more water

People often confuse thirst with hunger. Carry a water bottle with you and aim to drink at least one liter before noon and another before dinner.

4 – Be consistent, but don’t overdo it

Extra workouts don’t work well for fat loss. Research shows that most people tend to overeat more than they ‘burn’ when adding in additional exercise past their normal baseline. Build consistency with workouts and then focus on nutrition if you’re looking to lean out.