We provide individualized training and nutrition programs to help adults and athletes achieve the results they want without wasting time or energy.

Our welcoming community and world class coaches make your workout the best hour of your day. Our proven process has worked with over a thousand clients in the past decade.

Personal Training  •


Ethos uses proven strategies to help you feel, perform, and look better

If you’re here, you’ve probably tried a lot of different programs, and are wondering how Ethos is different.
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Individualized workouts

One size fits all programs don’t work. We provide individualized plans so you accomplish your goals faster.

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Welcoming Community and Culture

Ethos has a welcoming and positive atmosphere for anyone ready to make positive changes.

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World Class Personal Coaching

All clients have a full-time personal coach who helps guide you to your goals.


Comprehensive Approach

Nutrition is as important as training, which is why all Ethos clients receive nutrition coaching as part of their membership.