Step 1 – Get to know you

We want to get to know you – what you want to achieve, what you’re currently doing, what you’re willing to do, what you like to do. We ask these questions about every aspect of your life – nutrition, stress management, sleep, exercise. Once we know where you want to go we work with you to build an individualized plan to accomplish your goals.

Step 2 – Start training

You’ll work one-on-one with a coach for your first five training sessions so you can learn perfect technique on all exercises. This guarantees that you get all the benefit of training without the injuries. During this time we’ll dial in your workouts so you feel challenged, but not crushed. You’ll also get to meet the Ethos community to make sure it’s the right fit for you.


cheryl sled

Step 3 – Transition to group to stay with personal training

Personal Training – Meet one on one with your coach for training session.

Small Group Training – Attend our 60-90 minute training sessions 1-3x per week. Group size is small (5-6 clients/coach) so you’ll continue to receive your very own individualized training program and coaching attention every time you come in!  We offer 20+ class times so you have lots of options to fit your schedule.

No matter what program you chose you’ll get individual attention and constant feedback and encouragement. We believe that movement and the quality of the execution of the exercise is the foundation of long term progress. This means you’ll learn exactly how and why you are doing every thing we ask you to do in the gym and out of it.

Step 4 – Start working with your personal coach

Regardless of what training program you do you’ll have a personal coach that will work with you to accomplish your goals. You’ll check in with your coach every week to make sure you’re on track and help troubleshoot things that come up along the way.




Step 5 – Dial in nutrition and lifestyle habits

Once you’re on track with training, you’ll start working with your personal coach on nutrition. We do not believe in diets! Instead, we focus on one habit at a time so you never feel overwhelmed and you can make consistent and permanent progress.

Lifestyle habits such as stress management, sleep, and active recovery are also addressed in your on-going personal coaching process. Our goal isn’t to push you into a mold of perfect nutrition and a “healthy lifestyle”, but to help you make changes that are important to you.

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