You must have a “why”

Whenever we start a new client we try to work with them to establish their “why” – the real reason why they are in my office, willingly paying me money to show them how to do difficult things. I’d like to share why we have people find their “why”.

Why your “why” is so important

People who do difficult things aren’t’ any tougher or more dedicated than you. They just have a very clear reason and a high commitment to following through on that vision. You likely do this in many areas in your own life.

Think about your career, family, or other passions. You likely follow through on your commitments in those areas despite very difficult circumstances at times.

Why? Because you have a clear purpose and reason to do so.

If you’re struggling to stay on track with your exercise or nutrition, it’s likely you don’t have a clear and compelling “why” for doing so. Spend a few minutes finding your reason and it will become much easier to stay on track.

Here’s a tip. Your why isn’t to lose a few pounds or have more energy. It’s something deeper. For me, it’s to be the person I imagined I’d be some day – to get the most out of everyday of my life. I have a clear vision of the person I want to become and the experiences I want to have, so eating healthy and getting in workouts really isn’t that hard with that in mind.

Finding your why

Every time you think about what your why is, just ask yourself why your why matters. Example:

  • I want to have more energy so I’m a better father and husband

Why is that important?

  • I want to be a role model for my family and be the kind of person my parents would be proud of.

Don’t stop until you can’t answer “why is that important?”

See how much more profound the second why is?

Now, getting your ass out of bed and to the gym or eating a little healthier takes means a lot more. It’s not about losing a few pounds or having more energy; that will take care of itself. When your why for going to the gym is to be the person you always wanted to be, whatever that may be, motivation is no longer such an issue.

Your turn