Everything Matters

The body is not a simple machine that changes when you adjust a single variable. For example:

How often do you find yourself saying?

“I’m doing X, so why isn’t Y happening”


  • I’m eating less calories, so why aren’t I losing weight?
  • I’m working out more, so why aren’t I getting more fit?
  • I’m getting to be earlier, so why aren’t I feeling any more rested in the morning?


  • Calories matter, but only when you’re eating the right combination of foods.
  • Workout structure matters, but only when you’re eating well and recovering well outside the gym so your body can adapt.
  • Sleep quantity matters, but only when it’s high quality sleep.

There is no single magic formula or answer.

Feeling, looking, and performing the way you want is about developing the right combination of habits and behaviors. If you make a single change, it’s a great thing, but it doesn’t guarantee results. You have to address every aspect of your life to make significant changes to your body and mind.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

The body is complex, and all the bodies systems work together. If you change an input into one, you won’t necessary get the systemic changes (fat loss, muscle gain, more energy, etc) that you are looking for until you make changes to other systems.

Are you neglecting any aspects of health and performance?

  • Do you get 7-8 hours of quality sleep?
  • Do you eat healthful foods most of the time?
  • Do you eat enough to replenish your body?
  • Do you consistently follow your training plan?
  • Do you push yourself at the gym or just go through the motions?