The Reset Button

No one is 100% consistent with anything.

The difference between my successful and not so successful clients is the ability to get back on track when inevitable distractions or road bumps come up.

Here is an example of how my successful clients think:

  • Have a bad meal? No worries, next meal will be better
  • Miss a workout? No problem – I can get back on track tomorrow.

They have a “reset” button

Whenever they get off track, they simply hit the rest button and start over again.

So, what is a “reset” button? That’s up to you. Here are some examples:

  • I lie down and take a 5-15 minute nap or go for a bike ride
  • Some people read a quote or think about a specific person or memory

Regardless of what you do, this reset button is meant to train your mind to change the way it’s thinking. Do it long enough and every time you do your “reset” you’re mindset will change.