Our beliefs = Our actions

So much of what you read in the fitness and health world is focused on education; telling you the secrets of a healthy diet or the perfect workout.

I’m not saying that having the proper information isn’t helpful or critical for success (it is). But, do you really think it’s the limiting factor for most people?

From my experience I would argue that it’s not. Our beliefs are typically the limiting factor.

We know what to eat and what we aren’t doing on the exercise front but we don’t think it’s important (as other things), or don’t think we need to prioritize our own health (right now), or don’t believe that we can (too much going on)……..

Your actions are a direct reflection of your beliefs.

You might say that your health is important, but you either don’t believe you can do what it takes to be healthy or some other belief is more powerful than your belief that those things are important. For example, you might believe that eating a healthy diet and exercising is important but you feel

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why do you eat well (or not)?
  • Why do exercise (or not)?
  • Why do you make sure to develop healthy relationships (or not)?
  • Why do you prioritize sleep and de-stress times (or not)?

A few things to consider when answering these questions:

  • I don’t have time is created by another belief overshadowing (work is more important than sleep)
  • I don’t know what to do just means the pain of staying where you’re isn’t worse than the pain of confronting something difficult

Or to dive even deeper, consider watching this short video about clarifying values and this short video about wants vs. needs.

Be your own advocate

Recently, I’ve been posting a lot of blogs about mindset and making difficult decisions. It can feel overwhelming and unnecessary. Don’t fall for that trap.

As the Buddha said: “Pain is certain, suffering is optional.”

It’s much easier to live a passive life…..to go with the flow and not ask hard questions. To let society dictate your path through life. You can choose short-term pain or long term suffering. It’s up to you.

If you’re here, reading this, you obviously care about your own life and evolving as a person. Be your own advocate – remind yourself how far you’ve come and how far you will go.