Ethos online training

Goal Specific Distance Coaching

Online training is the best way to consistently make progress without access to in-person coaching or a gym. No one-size-fits-all program here. All workouts are based on your specific goals and needs.

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individualized workouts

  • Workouts are based on your fitness level, goals, exercise equipment, and preferences (how often you want to train, how long, what types of workouts)
  • We have coached thousands of distance clients over the past decade. What works in person in a gym, and what works well at home are two very different things
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Delivered via True Coach App

  • Workouts delivered via the True Coach app, making them easy to access on your phone
  • Video tutorials of each movement
  • Detailed descriptions of what to do and how to do it

Unlimited support from your coach

  • Message your coach anytime for feedback, support or to make adjustments to your workouts

Only $99 per month

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