Client Stories
I have been training at Ethos for over a year and a half. During this period of time my overall strength and ability level have drastically improved. I fractured a L2 eight years ago and have had lower back pain on a consistent basis until I started working out with Jon. He evaluated my flexibility, range of motion, and ability level to work on building balance. Jon is also a great teacher. He has the ability to explain exercises and movements to where you develop the correct form to improve. I have learned a lot about proper form and the benefits you get from it. When you train with Jon its not about trying to lift a lot of weight. Its about improving your strength, flexibility, and ability level without injuring yourself.Collin Somerville
Ethos is more than just a gym.
It’s a community and if you train here you’re a part of something unique. Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for a competition or just want to lift heavy shit, the coaches here will go above and beyond to see you succeed. They design programs specifically for you and your goals. In order to do this they are constantly broadening their already impressive knowledge base and continuing their education. You are supported not just by the coaches, but by everyone who trains here. We all have goals and we all want to see each other reach and exceed those goals. I have trained here for over three years and can’t imagine doing so anywhere else.Niki Laceby
At the end of 2011 Charles decided it was time to change his physical life as well as his professional one. He was a stressed overweight designer who had always wanted to be fit but never knew how to get there.

Ethos was different than anything Charles could have imagined. The coaches at Ethos took the time to teach Charles the steps he needed to take to get the lasting results he wanted. Through time, Charles learned to move better, sleep better, and eat healthier. Learning a foundation of good fitness allowed him to get stronger, be more conditioned and reach a capacity to do more physical things than he ever thought possible. Eventually Charles lost weight and began the process of building muscle.

“I now have the tools I need to manage stress, stay more focused and productive at work and a newfound ability to be engaged in daily living and frankly, enjoy life more. I feel better than I have in years. I have more energy, am more relaxed and prepared for new business challenges and keeping up with my kids as they get older. I am continuing to add new goals and challenges for myself and am thrilled to be living the type of life I want, not just thinking about it!Charles Carpenter

I’ve been training at Ethos for about 1 year now and couldn’t be more satisfied. I’ve spent the past 7 years attempting to recover from a back injury. After a few months at Rogue, I started to feel and move like I did before my injury. And after a year of training I have never felt so strong and solid.Not only do you benefit greatly from the personal work outs designed around your goals, but also from the immense knowledge and skills that Ethos has to offer. And it’s a black hole of knowledge. They constantly seek to learn more and apply new training methods in the gym. I’m confident in their intelligent training programs to produce any goal that I come up with.Anna Schroeder
I found Ethos in the Fall of 2012 in effort to improve my athletic performance in mountain sports. My old routine wasn’t getting it done, and I was hampered by old injuries and nagging new ones. With the coaching and training I’ve received, I’ve overcome the limitations those old injuries placed on my performance while avoiding new ones. I’m stronger, leaner, and breathe better. My posture is better, and I feel better. I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life. I can mash through pow at seemingly warp speed on my skis, and I can grind it out over the technical stuff on the uphill climb on the mountain bike without coming to near collapse from physical exhaustion. I couldn’t have done it without the training, coaching, encouragement and the staff at Rogue pushing me beyond what I previously believed were my limits.Jeff Warren
I started training at Ethos in February 2014. As a former college athlete, I missed structure and team atmosphere in my workouts because it is something you can’t produce by yourself at your local gym. Ethos has recreated this environment perfectly; I have a set plan every time I come to the gym, and being surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals helps to keep me focused. Most importantly, my workouts are designed around my specific goals. Jon, Matt, and Margaret know how to create a personalized workout program for individuals and then modify it as needed to optimize results. Ethos approaches fitness from a total mind and body perspective. Not only are the people at Ethos great at helping to get results in the gym, but they provide great advice for a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym as well. Changing my diet and sleep patterns and managing stress levels has helped me maximize my progress in the gym, and I’ve been able to overcome injuries and weaknesses that have plagued me for years. If you know what you want to achieve and are willing to commit to the program, Ethos will produce the results you are looking for.
Aaron Miller
Meaghan came to Ethos after five years of ongoing back and hip injuries, a hip surgery, years of and countless PTs, muscle activation therapy, acupuncture, cortisone injections (etc.-you name it, she had tried it) and was still in pain.

She wanted to get back to competing in long distance triathlons she enjoyed so much. With a background as a certified yoga and spin instructor, Meaghan was particular about where to train but came to Ethos with Margaret’s recommendation after noticing that Margaret’s yoga class was the only one she could attend without injuring her low back.

“In Ethos I found a place where the coaches truly understand the body, listen to my needs and never make me feel like a wimp when a movement is detrimental to my recovery.”

The progressive programs at Ethos allowed Meaghan to train the right muscles at the right times and build the strength she needed to get back to the activities she loves. Meaghan is now out of pain and back on track to complete whatever triathlons she picks. Meaghan Morrison

I’ve been working at Ethos for 2+ years and cant think of going anywhere else. Jonathan and Matt create a space for such a great connection and bond with all that work out there. There is a feeling of great purpose, focus and friendships. I always feel very accomplished in my workouts with the coaching and training I receive and I have really learned to work out as well very independently and confidently which gives me a great boost and momentum to never give it up.Peter Kandell
At Ethos, I feel accounted for, they make a specialized program just for me that changes every 3-4 weeks and pertains specifically to me and my personal goals. Also, they push me to be the best and continue to perform at higher levels. They really want to see me accomplish my goals inside and outside the gym.

Margaret, Matt and Jon all make us feel at home and comfortable. There are always familiar, friendly faces at the gym and people that you can complete goals with. You don’t feel judged because of your physical fitness level.

I feel stronger and more in shape and overall in better physical condition for someone my age. Another benefit at Ethos is the dietary knowledge I have gained. When I first started I did a food challenge and lost eight pounds and never felt better with the nutrition changes. I can count on a coach at Rogue to ask me about my food intake and making me accountable which also helps keep me on track. I can’t recommend Ethos enough!Cheryl Smith

In the never ending search for a good gym and place to workout that isn’t obnoxious or have some fad I finally found Ethos. The guys know what they are doing and made me a believer. Not only do I love the workouts but I love the vibe and attitude of Ethos. John and Matt know their stuff and are eager to always help you out and get the most out of you every time you step foot into the gym. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, stay fit or help recover from sports injury this is the place.Ramon Gibbs
Being a part of Ethos is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The workouts vary and include both strength and conditioning exercises. New exercises and techniques are consistently introduced so there is always a challenge. The coaches provide exceptional guidance, feedback and support, creating a positive environment for learning and growth. I have been at Ethos for three years and have been able to consistently remain committed to my personal goals. I can honestly say I look and feel better now than ever before and I am proud to be a member of this community.Susan Beck
I started attending group conditioning classes at Ethos in November 2013 and am now training 5-6 times a week doing conditioning and strength work. I have gotten stronger and fitter in a shorter amount of time than any other gym I’ve attended, and have seen changes in my body that I never thought would be possible. The individualized attention, encouragement and support I continually receive from Jon, Matt and Margaret make this place really unique. It’s all about correct form and training properly and injury-free (whether your goals be for weight loss, athletic programs or weekend warrior-ing). The programming is always interesting, always challenging and I don’t think I’ve ever watched the clock once during a workout. This is the place to be to get results.Sara Camp
I have been a part of Ethos for three years and they just keep getting better. I am prone to getting injuries and have benefited from working out under the guidance of people who really know what they are doing. I have had great success learning how to lift from Jon and had great benefits from continuing my work with Matt.

The trainers are great; they continue to educate themselves in training, nutrition, and overall health and bring this information to practice with clients. The atmosphere of the gym is also fantastic; there is a great amount of support from fellow clients.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, I highly recommend this gym if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Steph Campbell