What is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition therapy is a natural, safe, and effective method of addressing many chronic health issues. This holistic practice focuses on identifying root cause and restoring balance in the body so the body’s innate healing mechanisms can begin to restore a state of health. Nutrition therapy utilizes foods, herbs, supplementation, detoxification, stress management, and other lifestyle modifications to support and promote optimal health for each person’s unique physiology.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re suffering from a chronic health condition, striving for optimum performance, or just want to be vital and healthy as you age, holistic nutrition therapy can help.

Meet our Nutrition Therapist, Jennifer Bossard


My name is Jennifer Bossard, and I’ve been fascinated by the complexities and capabilities of the human body since I was a young adult. I wholeheartedly believe that when the human body is nourished in a manner appropriate to the natural habitat of homo sapiens, we can experience dramatic changes in our health. Many of the ideas and beliefs that we hold about health in our society are inaccurate, misleading, and have created more harm than good. Conventional medicine is often unconcerned with addressing the root cause of the illness if there is a pharmaceutical available that will alleviate symptoms.

As a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, I draw upon the wisdom and holistic principles of ancestral diets in conjunction with modern scientific research to promote internal balance and healing in the body. My approach applies the principles of paleo/primal and traditional diets in conjunction with supplements, herbs, lifestyle modifications, and complementary treatments to restore health and promote vitality. I understand that everyone is unique, and my recommendations are tailored to the individual. My goal is to teach you so that you can write the script to your own life!

I’ve personally experienced the power of food to be a medicine as well as a poison, capable of causing illness and disease. Through dietary and lifestyle modifications, I’ve eliminated IBS and other digestive issues, migraines, insomnia, fatigue, mood issues, and hormonal imbalances. I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge with others so they can experience similar life changing results.

You can learn more about Jennifer and discover how nutrition therapy services will bring about positive changes your life at her website, here.

Education & Certifications:

• Master Nutrition Therapist candidate (Nutrition Therapy Institute)
• Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (Nutrition Therapy Institute)
• Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
• Certified Running Coach (Road Runners Club of America)

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