Margaret Randolph

Margaret grew up in Massachusetts playing field hockey, basketball and practicing yoga. While studying at Pepperdine University she ran, practiced yoga and lifeguarded. After graduation, she worked in the Information Technology department at Pepperdine.

Margaret moved to Colorado in 2002 and accepted a position as a software consultant. While working in new locations each week was exciting, the constant travel and eating out took a toll on her body. She joined the Denver chapter of Team in Training, completing her first marathon, the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.


The physical demands of distance running began to show and Margaret recognized the need for cross training. She incorporated yoga and cycling back into her schedule. Soon, she completed cycling and yoga teacher training programs and began teaching every weekend. She realized that she loved coaching and helping people to push themselves.

As a Colorado resident Margaret had also picked up skiing, preferring the Rockies to skiing East coast ice hills.

One blue sky day at Breckenridge, Margaret was racing a friend down the Imperial Bowl. After a spectacular “yard-sale” crash, she ended up on a ski patrol sled with a torn ACL.

Despite her active lifestyle, Margaret had often battled unwanted pounds. The combination of post-surgery inactivity and body-image issues led to a depression. Margaret stepped on the scale and stared in disbelief as the LED flashed almost 180 pounds.


Miserable in her own skin, she resolved to rebuild her body. A friend gave her a Bodybugg and she began a rigorous journey to transform herself.

Still traveling for work almost every week, Margaret learned to book hotels with quality gym equipment. She climbed the stairs in hotels and at the businesses where she worked to counteract the sedentary nature of her job.

A year later, Margaret was 30 pounds lighter and even more inspired to help others achieve the same success she found through her transformation.

In 2013 she signed up to run the Boston Marathon. Although she had completed eight marathons previously, this was her first distance race since her ACL surgery.

A nagging foot injury from a high school fracture put a cramp in her training plans, but Margaret resolved to complete Boston. Plagued by pain in her foot throughout the race, the explosions at the finish line stopped Margaret short of her goal. She returned to Colorado physically and mentally broken.

Once again, both physical and mental transformations were required. This is when Margaret came to Ethos, on a leave of absence from her corporate job. She resolved to rebuild herself, body and mind.

Margaret came to Ethos broken down from her experience in Boston, exhausted from years of pushing through pain. She had ascribed to the “pain equals gain” philosophy of the high intensity interval classes she’d been going to. Her body ached and she worried about never again being capable of the things she had done most of her life. She was looking for a better way to train.

At Ethos, Margaret resolved to put other methods aside and immerse herself in their style of training. She began interning at Rogue and learning as much as she could about building quality movement. Soon, she saw marked transformation in both body composition and mental strength. She became leaner and stronger than she had ever been.

Her training at Ethos has helped Margaret get back to the activities she loves outside the gym. She now runs, skis and climbs.

Margaret is excited to work with others committed to making similar changes in their own lives. She is able to draw from her personal experience to help those transformations.