An internship at Ethos will last approximately four months where you will receive over 500 hours of on-the-floor coaching. All interns will come out with extensive coaching experiences in the realms of warm up, power and speed development, strength, movement and energy systems. You will be coaching people the day you walk into the facility until the day you leave.

Our Goal:

We want all of out interns to leave us with a solid foundation of coaching, programming, human movement and injury-reduction principles. Along the way we will provide in-services educating and exposing you to several of the higher level thinkers in the field and what the best people in the industry are practicing on a day to day basis.

Four Tracks:

Knowledge/Information: Your weekly readings/videos will educate you about our philosophy as a gym, recovery, breathing, energy systems, physiology, neurology, nutrition and general coaching.

Behaviors/Presence: Learning what you do well as a coach and how to develop compensatory strategies for things you may not do well is key to being a great coach. Controlling your mind when your tired or bored, learning how to read client’s body language and how to communicate with them and ready them for change are unique aspects of our internship. You won’t just learn how to be a strength coach here, you’ll learn how to facilitate change in others.

Organization/ Building Trust: Co-workers and peers have to trust you. You can do that by being organized and efficient with your time. The more times you can deliver on your promises, the stronger a rapport you build with everyone. Putting you on a 12 week organization path will help you sure up your time and maximize your day.

In-Services: Each week we will spend time teaching you about different subjects. These include, but are not limited to adaptation, nutrition, behavior-based coaching, cueing ,communication, stress inoculation, breathing and PRI based principles, neuroplasticity and motor learning. We can’t teach you all of this in four months, but we can expose you to higher levels of thinking and implementation.


We’re very lucky to know some pretty good strength coaches and physical therapists in the area. During your internship, we will set up times for you to go shadow local coaches and therapists, expanding your networking system and exposing you to different types of teaching and coaching.

Your daily responsibilities:

  • Coaching and presence on the floor
  • Reading and writing materials
  • Organization and cleaning the facility
  • Shadowing group and 1v1 clients
  • Being on time and ready to contribute from day 1

Internship dates and application deadlines (subject to change.)

  • Spring Semester: January 7 – end of April (Must apply by mid October at the latest)
  • Summer: May to end of August (Must apply end of March)
  • Fall Semester: September 1 – Christmas Break (Must apply by mid July)


Please submit a resume, cover letter and a brief essay explaining why you would like to come and work with us at Ethos.

Please send to Matt Malloy at

You can also give Matt a call at (585) 330-5285