Ellen Angeloni

Raised in Sonoma, California, Ellen spent most of her life playing soccer and running track, and continued to do so competitively for eight years. After which, she attended the University of Colorado Boulder to study Psychology and Leadership, with intentions to become a Sport Psychologist.

In addition to her strong passion for exercise and nutrition, she loves to travel. She spent this past year abroad in Perugia, Italy, which challenged her perspective on the health and fitness world. After returning to the states, she was determined to learn more about the impact of our everyday actions in regards to our health and wellness, which is how she found Ethos. Ellen started her internship here at Ethos in May, and is now a coach.

Ellen’s Ethos:

When people make choices, they tend to rely on one of two basic models of decision making: the consequences model or the identity model. The consequences model assumes that when we have a decision to make, we weigh the costs and bene- ts of our options and make the choice that maximizes our satisfaction. In the identity model, we tend to ask ourselves three questions: Who am I? What would someone like me do in this situation? I want to help others make their change a matter of identity rather than a matter of consequences.